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A unique service in the industry, Kroenke LLC's development consulting services include site selection assistance, zoning review analysis, code review analysis, preliminary lay-outs based on desired end use, and detailed and reliable conceptual estimates and pro-forma analyses, covering every aspect of your project from acquisition, to design and construction, to FF&E, and to end use revenue projection.


To request a proposal for Kroenke LLC's development consulting services, please click here.




Kroenke LLC's pre-construction services include highly detailed line item estimates, broken down by trade and CSI code, as well the creation of logistics plans and phasing plans, management of Building Information Modeling for complex project coordination, and the creation of critical path method schedules.  Often part of construction management agreements, we are pleased to offer pre-construction as a stand-alone service, should your project require it.  Kroenke LLC is also pleased to offer stand-alone services such as estimates or schedules.


To request a proposal for individual or comprehensive pre-construction services, please click here.



Kroenke LLC's construction management services encompass the full range of our values.  Construction management includes, and builds upon, our pre-construction services.  The detailed PLANNING that takes place during the pre-construction process leads into EXECUTION via writing comprehensive scope reviews and subcontracts, direction of day-to-day manpower on the jobsite, safety programming and oversight, and stringent management of your budget with the intent of delivering RESULTS that are on time and on budget.


We prefer to provide our construction management services for a flat-rate fee.  This allows us to focus on your project and on producing a high level of service without attempting to increase profitability by cutting corners.  We treat your budget as if it were our own, maximizing productivity through detailed scheduling, and minimizing any potential cost increases by limiting subcontractor change order markups, and charging a minimal markup for ourselves on change orders for unforeseen conditions.


To request a proposal for Kroenke LLC's construction managment services, please click here.



While we prefer to provide you with the best value possible for your project via our construction management services, we recognize that often times your board, by-laws, or your lender will require that your project be delivered via a lump sum general contract.  Kroenke LLC has a plethora of experience in delivering projects by this method, providing the same strict principles of PLANNING, EXECUTION and RESULTS that we provide under our construction management services, and are pleased to provide you with a lump sum bid on your project.


To request a lump sum general contracting proposal, please click here.

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